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Entry #5

My Songs And More!

2008-01-26 08:17:27 by WWEfan

Hey, all your Newgrounders. I'm WWEFan and have been credited for TF:DC by Too-Demonsional for helping him write a script. After that I released three songs onto NG which have done quite well. This is a note to say that one of my future songs: Still Standing will be released eventually when it's finished and that I can write scripts for those who need it! That's all for now,



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2008-02-08 20:01:22

Hey can you tell me how to pass level 2?


2008-02-08 20:02:15

Can you tell me how to pass lv2 of "Coil"?

WWEfan responds:

Just keep trying to seperate it. If it all bulges into one group then split up the group with most colours.


2008-02-16 18:28:26

wwe rules!

WWEfan responds:

Well, some moments of it suck. Some moments aren't bad.