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My Songs And More!

2008-01-26 08:17:27 by WWEfan

Hey, all your Newgrounders. I'm WWEFan and have been credited for TF:DC by Too-Demonsional for helping him write a script. After that I released three songs onto NG which have done quite well. This is a note to say that one of my future songs: Still Standing will be released eventually when it's finished and that I can write scripts for those who need it! That's all for now,


The Caribbean

2007-11-21 13:52:12 by WWEfan

My first song The Caribbean is up! Shortly to follow is Dark and Relaxing Then Thunder two other originals by me. Shortly afterwards will be my song (With me singing) Misfit all about a girl who is bullied. So take a listen to The Caribbean and enjoy and my other two songs will be up today or tomorrow.

My Writing

2007-09-30 15:57:31 by WWEfan

Hey guys! It's me, WWEFan. A new time story writer. If any of ye had been paying attention to my last posts you'll see that I'm doing Transformers Deception Conquest (The Preview IS OUT!) And the first epi is coming out SOON! Also, Misca's work seem to have stopped and I don't know much about it. But i'm still available to write storylines for whoever wants it. So just send me a PM saying what you want and such and i'll write. I'll do a test chapter if you want to see if you like my work.

Transformers DC Trailor

2007-08-03 14:15:21 by WWEfan

Yes, the Transformed DC Trailor is OUT! I helped with the script work and it'll show you the amazing animation that Too-Dimensional animated and we wrote. Also. Look out for a new animation by Misca soon. It'll be an comedy animation written by me as well. Remember if you need a storywriter or anything. Just PM me with the details and we'll talk!

Story Writing

2007-07-23 17:02:08 by WWEfan

Yes, i'm able to write stories. If you want a story writer just send me a PM and i'll help.