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Great game. My finger hurts now. I don't like the timer. It goes way too fast. Other then that great game.

Pretty Good

As always, woulda been better if it weren't a demo. Also, I had a flush and lost to two pairs? Erm, what? Flush beats two pairs. Even says so on the instructions. But overall a pretty good game.


Fabulous! I lost first go, but after that I learnt the moves. Then I tried to get final character but it took me several goes. I kept killing the skull too fast. Then I got the final character! I was like. Oh my god. That's the all amazing secret character! Was not expecting that!


Amazingly done. I managed to complete it or at least get to the end of it. Amazing graphics and parts made you think what to do.

Excellent EXCEPT!

Excellent except, bring in Fancy Pants Man!


Too hard for it's own good. But very good itself. Thank god I don't have a conscience myself otherwise i'd probally kill everyone. *shifty eyes*

Good Game But

It's a good game but the whole idea. Win, get another one which is different colour. I've seen that before. But it's still a good game.

Good Yet Hard

This is a good game. However, the challenges are pretty hard. I did the first two easily but the third really caught me. It's basically means you need either three homeruns or two homeruns but getting high non homeruns points. Need to make the challenges easier.

How to complete it!

Ok guys, this is how you do it.

1) You finally get the DVD (Season Two) Yay for you. But then some guy called Morth wants it. Whatever you say he'll get it eventually and you are transported to Eumoritown.
2) Walk into the house on the right next to the dog
3) Speak to the girl and taste her pie.
4) Say it needs more sugar (You can do it any way but this is quicker)
5) She thinks you hate her and runs off.
6) Grab the rest of the pie from, the bin.
7) Leave the house and go upwards. You should see a guy infront of a manhole. Speak to him.
8) He says he's there because someone stole the manhole cover. Say you want to fall in. You'll ask if he can move and he'll only move if he gets food, give him the pie.
9) Fall into the hole.
10) Go to that big pile of junk and take the bowling ball. Go back to the light and exit.
11) Go left until you see the skeleton with a ticket. Take the ticket.
12) Go back to where you started your adventure (Where the dog is) and go left.
13) Speak to the ticket man who says the ticket is two years overdue. He gives you Tree Fitty as it costed seven dollars so he gave you half.
14) Go to the car wash place next to the man hole.
15) Get the guy to wash your bowling ball. It costs Tree Fitty, which amazingly is what you have.
16) Leave and fall down the hole once move. Go to the orange glow and press space. You will put the bowling ball in it.
17) Go up and grab the map. It says a DVD is inside a big fish (Maybe a whale) Also grab the dead fish. Leave the sewers and go down)
18) Keep going down till a fisherman.
19) Talk to him and he'll want your dead fish because of his daughter who collects dead animals.
20) You say does his daughter own a dead squirrel (See Nicholas' Weird Adventure 1)
21) He'll say yeah, and you get a fresh fish.
22) Go to sea world. (Right of the man hole and that.)
23) Feed the whale the fish. Instead he decides your tastier and eats you instead.
24) Inside the whale go to the bottle. It says to get rid of webs you must do this.
25) Click on the left tooth which is darker. Then the right, then top then right.
26) Repeat 25
27) Go down the hole where the web was.
28) Go to the acid pool and press space.
29) You now have a bottle of acid. Go left and use it on that blockage.
30) Grab the cans.
31) Go right and go inside the restaurant.
32) Speak to Jonah. Ask where you can get the DVD. She said you can only get it if you buy a meal. Ask if you can get anything for free. End the conversationl.
33) Go into the bin and grab that thing.
34) Grab the straws
35) Exit the place and you got yourself a new green thingy with the straw as handles.
36) Go to the vending machine and press space. Maybe, just maybe if you wish hard enough the machine will take in drinks and give out money as that is what the green thingy does. Reverses stuff.
37) Go back into that restaurant and use the soda machine.
38) Go back to the vending machine and you'll get money.
39) Speak to Jonah and get a meal. With some Tots. They're indigestable!
40) You got the tots and the Season One DVD. While Morth has Season two and three. Exit and you'll raft away. You'll be sent up to Morth HQ.
41) Speak to the guard and try the game. Lose. You'll lose anyways.
42) Speak to the guard and he gives you a red card for your tots. Use it on the door.
43) Speak to the next guard and whatever you say is wrong. Go to the canteen.
44) Speak to the bartender.
45) Speak to the guy on the right till he says the bartender is nice.
46) Speak to the bartender and leave and go to the door of the Tech Room. Space on it.
47) Enter.
48) Click the right button. Then left twice. Then leave. Then right (Don't know if you can go back to do the right again without leaving.)
49) Play the game and win. You can't lose.
50) Speak to the guard to Morth's room. And you've completed it!

It's ok.

It's ok but needs finishing. You said you'll finish it so that's ok with me. Also WM23 was not on Sky Sports 1 in the UK. Four WWE Events are not on Sky Sports but on Sky Box Office where you must pay to watch. The Four Events Are: Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania!

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