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Great game. Completed it so i shall do a walkthrough for only people who are stuck.
Click Nami's house. Click blue arrow then listen to the police officers who will give you details. No need really to note anything.
Point the arrow near name and a maginefying glass will appear. Click it. Point the arrow near Nami's breasts. Then click the blue arrow. Nami is holding Insulin. Click on it then click Send to lab.
Go back so you can see the front room. Go towards the open door infront of you. Click on her desk then her mobile.
Click menu or Redial to get Sarahs apartment. Turn round then go into the kitchen. Go to the sticker of the top half of the fridge and then click the sticker. You will now be able to get to the Car & Limo place. Leave the place and go to 74th street. Speak to Sarah.
Keep going through the questions till you get given three choices.
Keep clicking through the middle question. You will get the boyfriends place. You can do other questions if you like.
Go to her boyfriends place. Keep speaking till a choice of three questions come up. Leave the place and you get a picture. Now off to the car & Limo. But first answer the incoming message. You don't have to listen. Now you have proof she was murdered if you do listen. Go to car and limo and give Mario the picture of Nami. Click the first question then click where is she working. He will tell you Club Paradise. New location. Ask more questions. Leave when all questions are told. Go to Paradise. A women in black will follow. Go right til' you see the VIP section. Enter it and go to the very end door. Speak to the guy. If you ask the bottom one he will tell you we can look at her locker. Number 23. leave this guy alone and go to the hallway. Go in the first room. Click door 23, you are told it is locked. Leave the whole place and go to namis house. Go to her bedroom and turn round so you see the kitchen. Near the door to leave the house to the left is another door. Click it when you see the glass. Click the suitcase. Now we need to crack the code. Well, it is four letters long. How about nana her name at the paradise. Now click check code and you get a key. Now go to the paradise and open her locker. More pictures? Speak to the head here and show him pictures. He will evetually give you info who the guy is!
Bobs office. Lets go there! Speak to him. More pictures? Well, i think it is time to see Sarah. O that is just great. Another mystery? Go to car and limo. Hey, no Mario lets look. Get inside the car and underneath the arrow is a car picture click it. and the trunk is open. View the trunk. Wow look a guy. He figured you out. He explains all. Well done you completed it with no help.

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My best was 0.177. Pretty good eh? Great game Dude. Keep it up.


I completed it on my first try. Take that Ryu. Good.


brilliant the best game i have played. i got to the street dancer and then died. but i got far i think anyways GREAT!

how to score with two babes

if u do not want to know how u do it and want to see if u cna do it by your self do not read this
first off all do these things in order to score with two chicks:
1. lavatory left urinal.
2. speak to too mira (girl monkey) wink or smile at her DO NOT introduce your self.
3. when u get in class say the what's so absurd, i'm from space, food container, blender, apes are smarter my brain is too tired. u will go into biology.
4. say no problem then no this isn't right u will get a detention but o well.
5.refuse the milk eat termites suck the thing with a straw no refuse or threw your nose. GYM.
6. Screw You Ape u must say he throws u into girls locker room when it says next two options say stay quiet.
u then get a chat with the girl monkey if u see a monkey with white top on u done it right if not then u haven't say sure thing too her and score number 1 one to go.
7. when u get thrown in detention say put your arm around her shoulder and then SCORE number 2 if u never wanted to her this i said at begging i say it again do not read it if u wanna find out how to do it.

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